• The Azure removal

    This morning I woke up to check my blog and found it missing. That’s not the best way to describe it, I found visiting the site Azure told me there was not website assocated with this domain name. I then found my Azure subscription missing both from the current and preview portal.

    Unfortunately without having a subscription attached the portal I started looping through the support pages redirecting me back to the portal quite consistently. After some calls to the Australian support line (which didn’t work on Saturday afternoon) I eventually found a live chat system. The very lovely and helpful support person tried to ask me to call the Australian number again but eventually gave me the US number.

    Once I made it through the valley of the voice prompts on the US line (it didn’t seem to understand Australian accents when trying to say AZURE BILLING) I did eventually get an operator who wasn’t able to help me as the Azure team has a callback system but was able to help me navigate the support guantlet that is support.microsoft.com/osa to get a case created.

    Within a few hours I received a call and as soon as I explained my problem the first question I was asked was “Are you a BizSpark Customer?” I explain I was and was put on hold, kind of. I ended up overhearing someone elses support call before my call was disconnected. The support engineer then rang back and got me to relog into the portal. Supposedly nothing changed and he wasn’t sure what happened but magically my subscription and blog were back up and working correctly.

    I hope this was a little once off event, but it’s fairly scary to login to the Azure dashboard and it say you have no subscriptions.