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    EarTrumpet is a volume control utility for Windows.  It makes it super easy to control individual app volumes and can be used to replace the built in Windows volume control.


    Update: Unforunately MetroTwit has come to it’s end and I can easily say it’s a project that completely changed me, for the better.
    I’ve been working on MetroTwit with Winston Pang and Long Zheng for what seems like an eternity, but it’s been (and still is) amazing fun to be coding such an awesome looking twitter client. Check it out at metrotwit.com

    Punching Blocks

    Update: Unforunately I’ve just not had the time to keep up with Minecraft and the things I would love to create on the platform. For now, I’ve retired PunchingBlocks.
    Punching Blocks is a little Minecraft server community, which has gone through a number of interations of survival, mini-games, arcade based servers and has settled for the moment back at a nice survival server for interested folks.