• BlogEngine.NET

    So for a few days now I’ve been playing around with BlogEngine.NET (www.dotnetblogengine.net) and for something I’d never heard of 3 days ago, I’m fairly smitten.

    It may not quite have all the features of WordPress, I would think it is much younger and quickly adding nice features that work great. So far everything has been so easy to set-up and get running (except the Integrated Pool stuff on IIS7) and I’ve been able to easily edit themes, widgets to setup the blog just how I like it.

    I’ve gone down the path of not using a database which I think is another great feature (especially since my host charges me for SQL Server usage)

    I’m hoping over the new few days/weeks/months to convert a few WordPress themes (as that seems to be the blogging engine everyone makes their themes for, and I might even jump into the source code and see if I can add some new stuff as well. Being .NET it’s just simple.

    Either way I hope you enjoy the new blog (and I have my own personal site for other projects etc coming soon).