MetroTwit: The 'Oh Crap' factor (Part 2)

As any astute reader might be able tell (for the 2 people that read this post) this post is a tad late... almost a year late.

So what happened? I will admit I'm fairly lazy when it comes to blogging, but mostly we let this little twitter app that turned out pretty cool go out into the big wide world and found ourselves in what I like to call the 'Oh Crap' period of doing something new.

A lot has happened since Part 1 of this story, we went from a very small alpha of about 25 people to opening open MetroTwit to the public with over 800 users registering to be notified of the beta.

Of course we were wise enough to release the beta in a nice quiet period in our lives so we could easily get bugs fixed and out to all the new users from a lot of different countries. Except we didn't. We released the MetroTwit beta during the Microsoft ReMix 2010 Conference in Melbourne while were attending sessions and 'networking' events at night. Over the 2 days of Remix we released 6 new versions of MetroTwit to combat all kinds of issues with Non-latin