The making of MetroTwit : The Big Bang (Part 1)

It was a sunny Saturday Morning on the 27 March 2010 when I got up to check my daily RSS Feeds. I found a post from Long’s IStartedSomething site with a screenshot of his idea for a Metro-inspired Twitter Client with the hope of making it an awesome Silverlight Out of Browser app. (See the original post here MetroTwit: a Metro-inspired Windows twitter client)

My first thoughts were cool, I reckon I could smack together that UI in Blend (I’ve done plenty of mashing xaml in Blend as I’ve always learnt better with the raw Xaml than the UI tools). My background is not in .NET Apps, I’ve been to many MS conferences and played with a lot of .NET ‘Stuff’ but never created a production application.

I figured I’d leave it to other .NET Developers but I’d see what I could throw together. By that afternoon I had the basic layouts and design of a Silverlight Application starting to happen with the main window when Long woke up and came online.

After sending Long a quick copy of where I was up to, we decided this project might actually be a goer. When