MetroTwit: Designing the UI

A number of people have asked how exactly do we go about design the UI for MetroTwit, what it takes for a feature/idea to make it from a tweet/email to us to a release.

Our process is fairly simple... we fight... like brothers (we're all in separate states so our fights are over WLM/Skype). That may sound like a bad way to design but it means we are actively fleshing out the details from each of our perspectives and experiences and our shared understanding of the outcome we're trying to achieve.

Quite often there is no fight, we all agree on exactly how something should be implemeneted and it's recorded for when we get to actually programming that feature. On the rare occasion it comes down to a majority vote as to how something should look/act. Usually when we get to this stage we've already asked numerous people for their opinions or had user polls etc.

When it comes down to the exact design (the pixels that we know you all peek at when you change MetroTwit themes... you monsters) usually when coding a feature Winston (@winstonpang) and I will do the basic design/make it