Windows 7 Awesomeness or not

Firstly, I love Windows 7 (which isn’t exactly a secret). I think it’s an amazing upgrade over Vista and every Windows user should be running it as soon as possible. Unfortunately with all software Windows 7 has bugs, yes even the final version.

There have been numerous little issues over the previous builds of Windows 7 which is to be expected with final products but at least on my machine one of these little issues remains. When using a Jumplist for the Remote Desktop Client (either a pinned connection or a recent connection) the remote desktop connection never starts.

While not a big issue, it’s very very simple to work around but opening a new Remote Desktop Connection instance and choosing the recent connection from the drop down list; it is a little annoying this program hasn’t been tested properly so it ‘lights up’ on Windows 7.

Moving House

I think I now realise why there is a huge market for removalists and why they can charge so damn much. After a crazy few days which saw dirty units, dying vacuum cleaners, lifts being shut off and dying computers the move is almost complete, bar a few small items.

I'm extremely glad that the move didn't have to be completed in a weekend and I continue to be surprised with how much can be shoved into a small unit when you get efficient :)

Now to let my bones and muscles heal. The good and the bad part about moving I suppose is the huge amount of exercise, next week onto training for the Bridge to Brisbane, it's only 10kms, but I'd like to be able to at least jog some of it.

Holiday Time!

Unlike most people when they go on holidays, this isn’t a post to warn everyone that I’ll be posting less, in fact I hope it means I’ll get time to post more as I don’t exactly have much of a holiday plan yet. Feel free to give me some ideas via twitter or the comments.

Currently my holiday consists of moving my unit from one building to another in the same complex, which should be nice and exercise-filled few days. It has been interesting to see the different personalities that show in people when an event such as a lease expiry occurs. I’m fairly relaxed about it all and don’t get too stressed, if we found a new place great, if not, then we could sign another 6 month lease and see what happens then. My housemate however gets a little stressed and a little impatient with the whole process. Interesting.

The rest of my holiday I hope will be learning some new skills with some personal projects like my main website and new theme for this blog and increasing my fitness level for the Bridge to Brisbane event in September.


As the great Barney Stinsen would say… Ted, SUIT UP! Well I’m not Ted to start with but it is almost time to suit up. Today I head back home to ensure my mother isn’t running around like a headless chook before my little sisters wedding tomorrow. Hopefully everything goes to plan and everyone gets their drink on afterwards :D

Should be a nice interesting weekend.

Also don’t forget about your mums on Sunday. :D

Is there a Microsoft Perfect Storm coming?

I try to keep up with most happens coming from Microsoft, which is quite a task in itself; however I have been noticing lately that while the Microsoft badgering continues without fail, there is a lot brewing for the second half of this year and next year.

On the consumer front by the end of the year, it looks there will be…

  • Windows 7 – The brand spanking ‘major’ update that has everyone talking,
  • New Zune Hardware
  • Updated Zune Software & Marketplace (this goes with the international launch)
  • Windows Mobile 6.5
  • MyPhone Final release (and possibly integration with Live Services)
  • Windows Mobile Marketplace
  • Live Mesh Released
  • Advertising coming out of every Microsoft orifice

With the consumer ads not actually advertising Windows (except for the last splash frame), they are doing a very good job at getting people to talk not only about Windows but PC’s which great for the entire PC makers community. This with their big push on a Windows Phone and the new WM6.5, which from the betas is turning out to be a pretty nice refresh release and Windows 7 and all it’s goodies, there looks to be quite a nice push to the

Failbook makes more changes

Usually when a software/product goes and makes radical changes, I go on my usual rant about how ‘they’ are totally wrong and it should be changed back, and then I end up loving the new layout anyway.

I decided with the new Facebook change to take a little time before writing a post about it to see if I could see why the developers have made the decisions they have and whether I know agree with them or not.

Considering Internet time is about 1/10th of normal time, I’ve given it 2 days. I’m now fairly used to the new design and can find my way around and now understand how it is now working, but I can’t say that I agree with the new methodology used by the Facebook team.

It appears Facebook have decided (maybe in spite of their failed purchase of Twitter) “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”. In one corner you have a network larger than a lot of countries with a huge amount of rich media, photos, applications, profiles and information. In the other corner you have a micro blogging service, which while growing at an alarming rate