Cut the crap

Cut the Crap I’m not a big Apple fan. That should be fairly apparent to anyone who’s read my What I Use page (update: page removed). Today was the launch of the rather unfortunately named iPad from Apple. It’s now just over 18 hours since it was announced and while ever Tech journalist, Apple Fan boy and random person has been taking sides in the debate whether this is an awesome or crappy product (Quote of the day today was… “It’s just a big ass iPod Touch”) most people usually forget one thing.

This is version 1.0.

As Mr Jeff Atwood once said (not that it was said that long ago) Version 1 Sucks, But Ship It Anyway. It will also not be the coolest thing since sliced bread on the first go. The first version is the idea, the feelers, the does this thing have any real future version. If the first time you released a product you had every single feature and idea perfectly laid out thought out and working correctly, you either have an extremely tiny one feature product or WAY too much start-up cash.

Everything needs a few revisions and more


I don’t subscribe to the whole dreams thing, but there was one dream the other night that I think needs to be retold. Especially as I’m currently on a health kick where I’m not eating any Fast Food Chain Food and Fast Food in General.

This crazy dream, myself and another person I don’t know, were touring the world, taste testing Fast Food Chains burgers. Not only were we touring and taste testing we were critiquing the taste of the burgers and in one particular fast food chain (I believe it was a Burger King) one of the staff got to come touring with us back to Australia to see what Fast Food should taste like, somewhere on this return trip to Australia we were playing soccer in some over grown basketball court. Strange….

I think this is my brains way of breaking out of the addictive bond that is Fast Food… onto healthier options, hopefully…. day 15, 340 days remaining…


Welcome to 2010. This post is a few days late.. ok maybe 10, but better late than never.

It seems this year many people are leaving resolutions at the door so they can’t be broken within the first few days of the new year. Technically I’ve tried to do the same, but I have ended up with just one resolution that should impact most areas of my life. While it sounds like some big massive resolution I’ll never be able to keep it’s actually really simple.

Be More Disciplined.

The idea behind my resolution of being more disciplined is well I suck at it, I’m inherently lazy. I could think of nothing better than lazing on the couch watching some random TV show or movie or playing an Xbox game. However this laziness over the past year has meant I’ve also not released any of my little projects I’m working, hardly posted on this blog and feel like I’m really going nowhere.

How am I implementing my little resolution… one tiny step at a time. My goals are 1 blog post a week, but if I manage more great, I’m doing

It’s the little things

Being a developer, I love to write big brand new spanking things to wow people. Why do the little things if you can make one awesome big thing. I’ve read many times and seen quite a few times over the past 4 years of working with businessfitness that it’s really the little things that count. It’s still great to write big new modules to sell, but the little annoyances are the bits that really piss people off in day to day use of software and fixing those really have the biggest effect on people.

HowNow™ being the fairly large program that it is has quite a few little areas that may not work how people are quite used to seeing them work in other areas of Windows. These can be caused by a number of different things from components that just won’t play nice to small bugs. A couple of small examples are… the grid within HowNow has never properly responded to Page Up and Down correctly (it used to only move 1 row up or down) in the current version of HowNow we finally found a way to get the Grid to work correctly so

Windows Mobile 6.5.1 … is coming.

I’ve been talking my way around Tech.Ed for the past few days, and decided to interrogate some of the guys about Windows Mobile 6.5. Unfortunately they are all very tight lipped guys, but I did receive a few stares with raised eyebrows when I started asking questions from Windows Mobile 6.5.1.

What they will give out is the basic information that can be found on the web, Global Release date is October and all the OEMs supposedly already have WM 6.5. The problem with WM 6.5 is that anyone following the builds that are almost being leaked daily look very different to the stock marketing images.

The enthusiast named “Windows Mobile 6.5.1” looks like Microsoft are going the way of both Apple and Google and giving users OS updates outside of a normal major release. The new release moves the start and close/ok buttons to a redesigned bottom button bar, where the bottom of the screen has up to 5 buttons across the bottom (Start, Left Function, Keyboard, Right Function and Close/Ok).

While no one would confirm anything with words, there were plenty of looks as we played some

Windows Mobile 6.5 more touching

There have been a few reports around the net about new features making their way into Windows Mobile 6.5. Features such as cursor magnification, larger UI Controls and some new ‘good lookin’ button bars. I decided I had better see what the fuss was about so I’ve now got the new build of Windows Mobile 6.5 running on a device to check out these new features.

When you first boot into Windows Mobile 6.5 you are greeted with the new button bar at the bottom. From what I can tell the button bar is an unfinished version of the IE Button bar for all of Windows Mobile 6.5.

Welcome screen of Windows Mobile 6.5 with the new buttons.
Welcome Screen Mobile IE button bar
Mobile IE New position of the close/ok button.
New tab control slider

It seems that almost all of the default controls have been modified, tab controls are now some kind of flying slide control.

There is also a new magnifier cursor box that seems to pop up at the moment, always when you don’t need it and jumps around your finger like a small energetic dog. Unfortunately I could get it sit