2015: The year of the early mid life crisis

Welcome to 2015. I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and had a great new years celebration.

This year I turn 30. That is an oddly difficult sentence to write. I'm sure it seems silly to anyone over 30, but I've found that around the 28-30 years old mark most people seem to go through a freak out (also called maturing) where they decide that maybe they shouldn't keep drinking each weekend until the sun rises and maybe continuing to pay rent is just wasting money.

I've also been share-housing now since I was 17 and I've long since had a rule that I wouldn't share-house with anyone over 30. They should have their life together enough to rent/own their place. I figure before I break my own rule I should really start considering all the adult decisions I continue to leave to future David.

I'd like to write about some of these thoughts and decisions this year, though going by my previous track record this will be my last post for another year.