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Cut the crap

Cut the Crap I’m not a big Apple fan. That should be fairly apparent to anyone who’s read my What I Use page (update: page removed). Today was the launch of the rather unfortunately named iPad from Apple. It’s now just over 18 hours since it was announced and while ever Tech journalist, Apple Fan boy and random person has been taking sides in the debate whether this is an awesome or crappy product (Quote of the day today was… “It’s just a big ass iPod Touch”) most people usually forget one thing.

This is version 1.0.

As Mr Jeff Atwood once said (not that it was said that long ago) Version 1 Sucks, But Ship It Anyway. It will also not be the coolest thing since sliced bread on the first go. The first version is the idea, the feelers, the does this thing have any real future version. If the first time you released a product you had every single feature and idea perfectly laid out thought out and working correctly, you either have an extremely tiny one feature product or WAY too much start-up cash.

Everything needs a few revisions and more feedback to help grow the product into what it can be. Look at the iPhone, the PC, Cars, any software be it desktop, web, mobile, service, framework all need more than one revision to get them right. While I can easily say I’ve got plenty of feature requests for the iPad, I’m sure for many people it will be an awesome product just ready to be used.

In the meantime, find something better to argue about, like Windows Mobile 7 perhaps :P