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Welcome to 2010. This post is a few days late.. ok maybe 10, but better late than never.

It seems this year many people are leaving resolutions at the door so they can’t be broken within the first few days of the new year. Technically I’ve tried to do the same, but I have ended up with just one resolution that should impact most areas of my life. While it sounds like some big massive resolution I’ll never be able to keep it’s actually really simple.

Be More Disciplined.

The idea behind my resolution of being more disciplined is well I suck at it, I’m inherently lazy. I could think of nothing better than lazing on the couch watching some random TV show or movie or playing an Xbox game. However this laziness over the past year has meant I’ve also not released any of my little projects I’m working, hardly posted on this blog and feel like I’m really going nowhere.

How am I implementing my little resolution… one tiny step at a time. My goals are 1 blog post a week, but if I manage more great, I’m doing fairly well with twitter I think (even though I have less than a thousands tweets a year, I’m not telling everyone when I wake up or go to the toilet and never will). Just by being slightly more disciplined in my online activities I’ve already started to notice I’m pushing myself to be more disciplined in other areas, daily vitamins, better food decisions, meal planning etc and even being more disciplined with work tasks, not starting too many things at once without getting them finished.

I’ve had plenty of people tell me I need to get a year calendar and cross off days as I do such things, but that just wouldn’t work for me, I’m too digital, trying to find a working pen at my place is a mission in itself. I need a online product that watches my online lifestyle and keeps me up to date on my goals.